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  • ADS philippines 捐贈潛水裝備給于馬可仕大學.
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  • 學科教學
  • 風平浪靜好潛水在ADS PHILIPPINES北部分部
  • 與菲律賓馬可仕大學合作成立潛水訓練教育中心
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  • ADS philippines 捐贈潛水裝備給于馬可仕大學.
  • ADS philippines palawan 分部
  • BOHOL 警察潛水訓練
  • 前進泰國


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Welcome to the Official Website of ADSI-Philippines

ADSI Philippines was organized by MR. MICHAEL CHEN ( 4- Star Instructor). He then assisted in the setting up of scuba diving centers in the whole country.

ADSI-Phil provides safe diving facilities, competent, experienced instructors and dive guides in major diving destinations of the country like Bohol, Batangas, Ilocos Norte, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Palawan.

ADSI-Phil is affiliated with educational institutions providing short term courses for diver training and education.

ADSI-Phil is committed to the conservation, management and protection of the coral reef resources in the Philippines.

ADSI-Phil promotes safe, enjoyable and environment friendly scuba diving activities.


Course Flow Chart Of ADSI Philippines

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